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Video Production Tips - Testimonials

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Ever considered producing a video to promote your business, but just don't feel like being in front of the camera? We run into that situation often with potential clients, and one of the great ways to get around the on-camera jitters is through the use of customer testimonials. Your customers know your business, and there are probably lots of them that would be happy to sit in front of the camera and sing your praises.

Here are some tips for Testimonial Videos -

1. Don't be afraid to ask for testimonials from satisfied customers - if they've expressed their gratitude in the past they will probably be happy to tell others.

2. Create some questions for them to answer that will direct them to the subject you want them to talk about - but make sure to let them know that your are not looking for canned or scripted responses.

3. Schedule more customers than you think you may need - you never know when someone will clam up, back out, or say something that you just can't use.

4. Let your customers know that not everything they say will make the final cut - this can help to ease tension with nervous customers and smooth over potential hurt feelings if someone gets left out.

5. Make sure to let your customers talk - if you talk over them or respond on camera it will make the editing more difficult and disrupt the flow of their thoughts.

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