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ABOUT Pardiman productions

Online Video Marketing | Pardiman Productions | Olympia

At Pardiman productions we care about the stories we tell and the people they involve, and we purposefully limit our client base so that we can work one on one to meet our clients goals and build a long term relationship.


We share a desire to make the lives of those around us better, and believe that by telling stories that inspire others to change their minds and take action, we can have a positive impact.

Corey is the owner of Pardiman productions and has been working in Media and Marketing for over 20 years.

When he's not busy running Pardiman he volunteers his time with Rotary and other organizations like All Kids Win, Lacey South Sound Chamber,  and the Thurston County Chamber.


"You are a true artist and have an amazing eye for telling the story! From the bottom of my heart thank you for working on this project!"

Patty L.

"Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts with the video.  It turned out great and I appreciate the time you put in to make it all possible!"


Dave N.

"I didn't get a chance to thank you in person for making me look and sound so much better
that I am!  Many thanks, you do great work!  

The edits you did were perfect.  I know that I was not as articulate as I hoped to be during
the filming, again we, and I, greatly appreciate what you do and how well you do it!"

Ed G.

Pardiman Productions on location

Pardiman productions had the opportunity to produce a series of videos for the Thurston County Chamber's Health Care Champions event again this year and was on site to provide A/V support.



Michelle is co-owner of Pardiman productions and helps out with website, graphics and production support.

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James is the owner of Notion Pictures and has been a callaborator on many projects.



Tim Tyler has been a collaborator on many projects.

"The event was a HUGE success and the video really captured the principals so beautifully. We raised MORE than our goal by a considerable amount, which means more children will be helped."


Ryan G.

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