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Marketing with Holidays

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

When looking for ways to stay on track with your yearly marketing goals it’s often a challenge to come up with a theme or plan that’s easy to stick to. One way to make sure that you’ll have a regular supply of ideas to create content for emails and social media posts is by planning part of your marketing around monthly holidays.

Here are some ways to make sure your holiday marketing is a success.

1. Create a Holiday Marketing calendar -

When looking to create a holiday marketing campaign it’s important to plan your marketing in advance so it can be consistent throughout the year. Besides the regular national holidays, there are tons of other world awareness days that focus on different themes and issues, many of which may be applicable to your brand. There are also fun and unofficial days – like Talk Like a Pirate Day, that are great for small businesses. Some holidays have the same date each year, while others will have changing dates each year. Creating a calendar with at least one holiday a month will make sure you don’t get out of the habit of marketing to your clients.

2. Prepare your content early -

Even though you want to capitalize on the actual days around the holiday you are marketing about, there is no reason to wait til the last minute to create your photo, video, email, or social media campaign. It’s best to plan these projects well in advance, or when the brilliant idea strikes, and then have them ready to go when the time is right. Waiting too long to produce holiday marketing materials usually results in a missed opportunity.

3. Involve your staff (and pets) -

There is very little overlap between employee and company social networks. By getting your staff involved in your holiday marketing efforts you can boost your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. You can feature your staff directly in videos and photos, or simply encourage them to participate and share the campaign. Using office pets in your holiday marketing is another great way to show the more personal side of your business that clients can relate to.

4. Make sure to track your efforts -

No matter what type of marketing efforts you may make to take advantage of monthly holidays, it’s always important to have some method of tracking your results. While it’s relatively easy to track the results of a social media campaign, there are also ways to track how successful your direct email or even print campaigns are. Your email campaign manager should have ways to track opens and clicks within emails, but you can also try using web links that are exclusive to the offer and then track the results via your web host or Google analytics.

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