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Client Case Study - Funeral Alternatives

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

A new client wanted us to produce a series of testimonial TV spots speaking to their service and commitment to the families they serve. The challenge was that they had a limited budget and only one location which was the banquet facility at their location.

Now as you can see in the photo, this space did not scream warm and inviting home. So we asked the client clear out the space and let us take a look around their offices and other spaces and see what we could do.

With the use of camera placement and some furniture and decorations they had on site we were able to create some shots that were pretty convincing as someone's home.

By changing out the chair and table, adding artwork and flowers we were able to create yet another look from the same camera setup.

Here is the third look we were able to achieve and one of the finished TV spots.

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